"Language exerts hidden power, like the moon on the tides." Rita Mae Brown

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Our translators are bilingual and proficient in English so whether you need a translation to or from English, we can provide the service you need.


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Thanks for visiting Terrific Translation. Getting a great translation at a great price is not always easy. I've been working in the Chinese film industry for 10 years and am often in need of a treatment or screenplay translation. I got so frustrated with the shoddy services I encountered that I decided to set up Terrific Translation, a service that is fast, professional and affordable.

I'm confident that you'll approve.

Kind regards,

Clive Walker 



As a screenwriter who is often involved in film co-productions, I often need to get my screenplays translated into other languages, mostly Chinese. Terrific Translation has always done the job well and in a timely fashion.

Jonas Whitman of Colony Films

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