"Language exerts hidden power, like the moon on the tides." Rita Mae Brown

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You've come to the right site for high quality translation at an unbeatable price.

Each one of our professional translators is bilingual and proficient in English so whether you need a translation to or from English, we can provide the service you need.


Each translator also specializes in a certain language translation service field. This means we can accurately translate your language into the chosen target language always ensuring eloquent prose and technical specificity.

A few more details

Terrific Translation is a translation agency that provides superior translation solutions for any type of document. Terrific Translation has established itself in the translation industry as a service that only collaborates with expert translators, possessing a high degree of language expertise and offering fast, efficient translations.

We work to ensure accuracy and relevance

Our professional translators don’t just focus on converting the information from the source language to the desired, target language. We add a touch of human understanding as well, whilst maintaining the core essence of the content in each translation.


The translation service that Terrific Translation offers is performed by trained translators, if not native in both source and target language, then fluent and native in both. Additionally, our translators keep track of how different industries change and develop because we believe that using the essential and most accurate industry-specific terminology is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the translation.

We understand what you need from a translation

We understand and respect that translation services are often required for sensitive situations, involving confidential subject matter. We strictly observe the confidential nature of each and every translation.  

We realize that it is a vital necessity for your doctor to accurately translate medical translations to a foreign patient or for your company to provide translated financial reports to overseas investors. We understand the apprehension that accompanies the translation of legal documents perhaps involving divorce or immigration. We sympathize with clients needing the translation of family documents, a will or documents involving a family estate.

We, therefore, do our utmost to not only provide a terrific translation, but also to observe the dignity and gravitas that more sensitive translations require.


* 500 WORDS FOR $25

* general business translations only
Welcome To Terrific Translation

Thanks for visiting Terrific Translation. Getting a great translation at a great price is not always easy. I've been working in the Chinese film industry for 10 years and am often in need of a treatment or screenplay translation. I got so frustrated with the shoddy translation services I encountered that I decided to set up Terrific Translation, a service that is fast, professional and affordable.

I'm confident that you'll approve.

Kind regards,

Clive Walker 



As a screenwriter who is often involved in film co-productions, I often need to get my screenplays translated into other languages, mostly Chinese. Terrific Translation has always done the job well and in a timely fashion.

Jonas Whitman of Colony Films

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